About the North American Squirrel Association

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Mission Statement

The North American Squirrel Association was formed in order to:

  • Help the physically challenged and elderly enjoy hunting and fishing opportunities and recreational activities.
  • Support and aid in events sponsored by the Wisconsin and Minnesota Departments of Natural Resources.  Such events include early disabled white tail deer hunts and duck hunts.
  • Aid individuals and other organizations with similar goals and objectives.
  • Contribute to the education of young people interested in the pursuit of outdoor activities related to hunting, fishing, and conservation.

N.a.s.a. Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy

It is the policy of the North American Squirrel Association, in recognition of its responsibility to its volunteers, service recipients, and the communities served, to provide equal opportunity to all people and to promote the full realization of that policy through a positive, continuing program to be known as the non-discrimination and non-harassment policy.

Awards and Honors

2005-06 New Organization Of The Year Award

Presented by the La Crosse County Conservation Alliance, whose purpose is to provide a forum for La Crosse County conservation organizations that seek to promote sound management of natural resources for the benefit of people and wildlife.

2005-06 External Relations Outstanding Service Award

Presented by the Wisconsin DNR Disabled Advisory Council.  This category includes groups and sportsman groups who are involved in accessibility projects, issues and events that serve to open the outdoors to the disabled.  Volunteer groups and granting foundations are recognized in this category for service, projects, or funding of a DNR project.

2006-07 Outstanding Project Award

Presented by the La Crosse County Conservation Alliance, whose purpose is to provide a forum for La Crosse County conservation organizations that seek to promote sound management of natural resources for the benefit of people and wildlife.

2006-07 Outstanding Volunteer Of The Year Award (Group)

Presented by the Coulee Region Volunteer Coordinators, who recognize the contributions volunteers in our community make that support the quality of life that sets the Coulee Region apart as a great place to live.  Without the commitment, time and support that these individuals bring to our area, many programs would be unable to accomplish as much as they do in our community.

Executive Board of Directors

Name Contact Information
George Wilson midnightvision@gmail.com - (608) 433-4071
Tony Christnovich tchristn@yahoo.com - (608) 385-3080
Jerry Den Boerjerry.denboer@baia.us - (608) 797-0192
Brian Utterman butterman@uwlax.edu - (608) 780-4366
Jim Welander (608) 385-3080

Elected Officers

Position Name/Contact Information
President George Wilson - midnightvision@gmail.com - (608) 433-4071
Vice President Dave Stutzman- captonaway@gmail.com- (608) 343-7234
TreasurerChris Lau - cglau8663@yahoo.com - (608) 738-8663
Secretary Kristina Stellpflug - secretary.nasasquirrel@gmail.com - (608) 792-2879
Ex-officio Member Tony Christnovich - tchristn@yahoo.com - (608) 385-3080
2-Year Director Steve Wally Wage - wallywage@charter.net - (608) 792-6685
2-Year Director Craig Lyon - clyonski12@gmail.com - (608) 769-0712
4-Year Director Ginny Wintersteen - crsledhockey@yahoo.com - (608) 317-6719
4-Year Director Lester Hanson - lhanson003@centurytel.net - (608) 786-0930

Committee Chairs

Committee Name/Contact Information
Banquet Pat Lamke - pslamke@centurytel.net - (608) 386-6602
Gary Larson - nobull5@charter.net - (608) 385-5601
Calendar Ken Spraetz- kspraetz@hotmail.com - (608) 317-2326
Fishing Tony Christnovich - tchristn@hotmail.com - (608) 385-3080
Large Game Hunting Randy Hansen - huntfishfuk@hotmail.com - (608) 461-2050
Denny Hass - lmh592002@yahoo.com - (608) 304-5892
Maintenance Ron Bean - ronaldbean@centurytel.net - (608) 786-0360
Memorial Ken Spraetz - kspraetz@hotmail.com - (608) 317-2326
Golf Ken Spraetz - kspraetz@hotmail.com - (608) 317-2326
Rifle Clinic George Wilson - midnightvision@gmail.com - (608) 433-4071
John Fritz - johnfritz66@gmail.com - (608)387-0494
Trackchair Dave Eddy - djeddy1@outlook.com - (262) 745-1493
Adaptive Kayak Ginny Wintersteen - crsledhockey@yahoo.com - (608) 317-6719
Adaptive Skiing Gregg Lyon - clyonski12@gmail.com - (608) 769-0712
Coyote Hunting Joe Freybler - joefreybler@gmail.com - (608) 397-8336
Bear/Turkey Hunting & Veterans Jerry Den Boer - jerry.denboer@baia.us - (608) 797-0192
Squirrel Derby Pat Lamke - pslamke@centurytel.net - (608) 386-6602m
Marketing & Communications Ken Spraetz - kspraetz@hotmail.com - (608) 317-2326
Upland Game Hunting Steve Earp - music@ssemusic.com - (608) 792-0257
Lester Hanson - lhanson003@centurytel.net - (608) 786-0930
Biking Chris Lau - cglau8663@yahoo.com - (608) 738-8663

Other Links

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We would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the original founders of the North American Squirrel Association --Tony Christnovich and Mike Derpinghaus -- who helped shape the dream of creating and supporting access to the outdoors for persons with disabilities into a reality.

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