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Helping the Elderly and Physically Challenged Enjoy the Outdoorssss

Formed in 2003, the North American Squirrel Association (n.a.s.a.) is a non-profit organization that grew out of a desire to provide physically challenged and elderly members of our community with outdoor opportunities such as hunting and fishing. Using donated funds and equipment from generous individuals and businesses in the Coulee Region, n.a.s.a. has been able to provide such opportunities free of charge to those in need, all the while continuing to grow.

We want to thank all the people and businesses who have donated to our cause over the years!  If you go to the 'Friends of n.a.s.a.' page you will see our list of donors and their websites.  We encourage you to show your thanks by shopping with them and use their services!

Donated Rifle
This beautiful rifle has been donated by Joyce Pryor and family and memory of Jerry Pryor.

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Action Trackchair

Action Trackchair

For many years, those with mobility impairments could only go as far as the pavement would take them.

Not anymore. The Action Trackchair provides users the ability to get off the pavement and explore areas that were previously inaccessible to them. Areas that were once off-limits such as beaches, hiking trails, state and national parks and simply enjoying your own property are now attainable. The Action Trackchair can be used for hunting, fishing, hiking, strolling the beach, working on the farm and trekking through the snow. North American Squirrel Association provides these opportunities for free.

Todd Strittmater  - - 608-317-2570


Action Trackchair 2 Action Trackchair 3 Action Trackchair 4 Action Trackchair 5

NASA Fishing Event - Why we do what we do!!

Fishing along shore

When we first found out we were going to be parents, taking our son fishing was one of the first things my husband mentioned looking forward to. When we were given Liam's Down Syndrome diagnosis, it was also one of the first things he asked if he would be able to do. With little to no knowledge about the diagnosis we had our doubts and questions, though I confidently replied "why not!?" This past July 8th n.a.s.a. (North American Squirrel Association) made the experience so much fun for our family, and from what we could tell, for every family that attended. We finally answered that doubt as we proudly watched, helped, and cheered Liam on as he reeled in his first fish. N.a.s.a. volunteers took care of absolutely everything so that we didn't have to worry about anything but enjoying ourselves. They cooked the fish that were caught and were there to help with anything from providing fishing poles, replacing hooks, and even taking the fish off of the hook if needed. Visiting with families old and new is always so refreshing, and this event was not the exception. We are so grateful and cannot wait to do it again next year!

Thank you to Susy Fort for contributing this article ... Pontoon Reservations NOW OPEN for May - August 2021

Merlin Mosey Memorial Park

Here are a couple of finished pictures from Merlin Mosey Memorial Park, created lin 2016. We would like to thank all of our n.a.s.a. donations for helping with creating this park! Check out the photo gallery under the "About Us" section for more pictures of the creation.

Merlin Mosey Memorial ParkMerlin Mosey Memorial Park

In Search of... The Sunny Side of Life

Sunny Side of Life Video

Donated Shotgun in Use!

We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to the St. Joseph's Lions Club for donating this shotgun, which we lend out to disabled hunters who don't have their own gun to use. Here it is in action during one of our recent pheasant hunts!

Donated shotgun in use!

2013-14 Discover Wisconsin n.a.s.a. Spotlight Video

Here's a video taken from the great Discover Wisconsin program, featuring many of the services we provide to disabled people in our area!

n.a.s.a. spotlight video

Billy Gowlland Memorial Squirrel Derby Video

Here's a video taken from the great Discover Wisconsin program, featuring many of the services we provide to disabled people in our area!

Billy Gowlland Memorial Squirrel Derby Video

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